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Urban Forest Tree Inventory
Posted Date: 3/5/2018
The City of Longview will begin the process of inventorying all of the trees that make up the city’s urban forest. The Urban Forestry Division has two certified arborists on staff that maintain all of the trees located within the park system, city right of ways, city properties, and street trees located between the street curb and sidewalks. There are over 14,000+ trees that make up our forest with an additional 3,000+ vacant spots available for eventual planting. The last full tree inventory that gave a snapshot into the overall health of the forest took place in 1990.

The City has entered into an agreement with Plan It Geo, a company that specializes in urban tree canopy assessments, tree inventories, and forest management plans. Plan It Geo will conduct a comprehensive tree inventory and provide data that will enable the City to continue to effectively and efficiently manage the health and safety of one of it’s largest assets, the urban forest. Beginning in April, the company will have multiple crews out working along the streets and within the forest collecting data. Crews will be gathering information on species, location by longitude and latitude for trees and vacant locations, height, crown spread, age, diameter, health condition rating, and hazard risk assessment.

Any questions regarding the tree inventory should be directed to City staff at the Parks Department. The findings and data from the inventory will be published once it is provided as well as incorporated into the City of Longview Urban Forest Master Plan. Citizen outreach has strongly indicated that trees in Longview parks and streets are of high importance. This valuation is reflected in feedback from park users who desire a high level of care and maintenance dedicated to the city’s trees. Our Urban Forestry Maintenance plan must take into account the current trees in a given park or streetscape and their future growth potential to make timely and future management decisions. Due to the amount of trees, wide variety of species, and locations throughout the city, the most efficient method of obtaining a complete tree inventory is to contract a reputable arboriculture company that is experienced in producing such reports. The data provided will integrate into the City’s new Lucity program and allow future internal adjustments to the inventory by City Arborists after contract completion.

For more information please call Longview Parks and Recreation at 360.442.5400 or online at