News Review
February 8 City Council meeting in brief
Posted Date: 2/12/2018

• Tabled until March 8, Ordinance No. 3372 amending the Longview Municipal Code to prohibit dogs running loose in City parks, and requested that the ordinance be considered by the Parks Board for a recommendation to the city council.
• Approved Resolution No. 2258 declaring an emergency and authorizing all contracts needed to repair the 38th Ave at Oak Street sewer pump station.
• Appointed Kurt Sacha as interim city manager with the intent to appoint him city manager upon approval of an employment contract.
• Appointed Don Jensen, Scott Vydra, and Chet Makinster as a committee to negotiate a contract with Kurt Sacha to become city manager.
• Approved the 2018 Longview City Council committee assignments.
• Appointed George Brajcich to the Salary Commission for the City.
• Approved Ordinance No. 3373 amending the comprehensive plan map and zoning map for property at 4138 Ocean Beach Highway.
• Approved Resolution No. 2256 supporting creation of a new economic development district covering Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties.
• Approved Resolution No. 2257 supporting creation of a public authority to assume governance and operation of the 911 Communication Center.
• Approved a professional services agreement with the engineering firm Harper Houf Peterson Righellis to design the Nichols Blvd pavement rehabilitation project funded by the Longview Transportation Improvement District.
• Authorized a latecomer’s agreement to reimburse the property owner responsible for construction of Alter Street Sewer Extension No. 1.
• Authorized upgrading the Longview Police Department elevator to interconnect with the new fire alarm system, install safety equipment, and improve elevator operation.
• Authorized purchase and installation of an electronic message board on City Hall property at the corner of 15th Ave and Broadway.
• Approved the latest proposed design concept for RA Long Park improvements, allocated $44,000 from the Capital Projects Fund to help pay for the park improvements, and allocated $100,000 from the Kuntz Family Trust Fund to repair some of the defective pathways in the park.