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Fred Meyer donation to benefit 24 kids dreaming of bikes for Christmas
Posted Date: 12/19/2017
A local business, government, and a non-profit agency partnered to make Christmas brighter for 24 children in need.

A Fred Meyer manager recently contacted Longview Police Department about donating two dozen bikes to the department. Chief Jim Duscha quickly accepted the offer. The police department then decided to turn over the small brand new bicycles to the Salvation Army, which accepts donations for its Christmas store to benefit financially struggling families during the holiday season.

"This was a very generous donation," Chief Duscha said. "We are happy to partner with Fred Meyer and Salvation Army."

Chief Duscha, Captain Deborah Pineda, and two department civilian employees gathered at Fred Meyer Monday morning along with Salvation Army Captain Sierra Dwelle to pick up the bikes.

Captain Dwelle was thrilled with the donated bikes, which filled up a U-Haul trailer.
"This is huge! Our donations have been down this year," Captain Dwelle said.

Captain Dwelle said the Salvation Army has been announcing its needs on the radio, in the local newspaper and other methods in hopes of receiving more donations for its Christmas store. She said the agency is serving more than 3,500 children this year.

"We've been receiving lots of requests for different things, Captain Dwelle said. "This is definitely a blessing for us!"

LPD community service officer Cindy Lopez Werth is hoping Fred Meyer’s donation will inspire other businesses and individuals to donate to the Salvation Army so that children in cash-strapped families will receive at least one gift for Christmas. “It’s amazing how good people feel when they give to others less fortunate – especially if you’re doing it for kids who don’t have much,” Werth said.