News Review
December 12 City Council Meeting in brief
Posted Date: 12/18/2013
  • Received a presentation from WSDOT and FHWA presenting the 2013 Award of Excellence for Best Special Project to Longview for the Highlands Trail Project.
  • The local American Legion presented Officer of the Year awards to:
         *Master Firefighter Luke Amos, Firefighter of the Year
         *Captain Deborah Johnson, Police Officer of the Year
  • Recognized Mayor Don Jensen for 41 years of service to the City.
  • Received an update on water quality issues related to the new water supply.
  • Directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance for council approval to annex Pacific Fibre and two adjacent properties into the city, and forward the annexation to the Boundary Review Board.
  • Had the first reading of Ordinance No. 3257 amending the 2013-2014 budget in the Capital Projects Fund and the Parks & Recreation Memorial Trust Fund. Budget amendments require two readings; action will be taken at the next council meeting.
  • Approved Ordinance No. 3258 creating the Parking Enforcement Special Revenue Fund to comply with new accounting standards.
  • Approved Resolution No. 2092 adopting sewer rates for 2014.
  • Approved Resolution No. 2093 adopting stormwater rates for 2014. This action also provides for transferring the sidewalk repair program into the Urban Forestry program in the Stormwater Fund, and to construct the entire length of Tennant Way low impact development streetscape improvements from 7th Ave to 15th Ave.
  • Approved Resolution No. 2094 adopting solid waste and recycling rates for 2014.
  • Approved Resolution No. 2096 authorizing an interlocal agreement with the City of Kelso to provide building plan review and inspection services for Kelso.
  • Appointed individuals to various boards and commissions.
  • Certified complete the Hillcrest & Mt. Solo Reservoir SCADA Towers project.
  • Certified complete the Hudson Street Pump Station Forcemain – Phase 2 project.
  • Awarded bids to various suppliers for water treatment chemicals.
  • Approved a one-year extension of the contract with After Hours Janitorial for transit vehicles and facilities cleaning services.
  • Directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance for council approval to revise fees and discontinue hand delivery of shut off notices for customers who have not paid their utility bill; notice would be given by US Mail.
  • Approved an agreement with CFM for 2014 for federal governmental relations services.
  • Approved a contract with NV Golf & Property Management to manage the Mint Valley Golf Course.
  • Requested the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board to reconsider their contingent approval of a de minimis concurrence regarding the impacts of replacing the Washington Way Bridge over Lake Sacajawea, and requested the Parks Board to meet in December to consider this matter.