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Northwest Voices Presents Stephen Murphy
Posted Date: 8/22/2017
Come join us for our first NW Voices event on Tuesday, September 5 featuring author Stephen Murphy. The author of On the Edge: An Odyssey will present at the Longview Public Library beginning at 7:00 p.m. upstairs in the Magazine Room.

Stephen E. Murphy was born and raised in Washington, and earned a BA from UW and an MBA from Columbia University. He has been actively engaged in Brazil and Latin America for 40+ years, advising international language institutes, software, clean energy, Brazilian media firms, and the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Investment Fund in Washington D.C. He served during the G.W. Bush Administration as Director, Inter-Americas & Pacific Region, the Peace Corps, supervising 2,200 volunteers and 1,000 staff in 23 countries. In the previous George H.W. Bush Administration, he was appointed Director, Worldnet Television, USIA (now State Department) managing 320 employees and its satellite TV network.

On the Edge is a reflective look at Murphy's life, the decisions he made and why, as he sought his calling on paths less traveled. Starting in his youth, when he dropped out of Harvard Business School and later served in Vietnam, Murphy outlines the hope and dreams he had, and why some things worked out and others did not. His course led him back to business school (this time at Columbia University), down to South America, away from banking, into the film industry and later politics -- while often looking for ways to help children and young people he met along the way. Murphy peppers his chapters with "turning points" that marked his adventurous life. His story is both a walk down memory lane for baby boomers, and an instructive tale for young professionals looking to push the envelope in their careers.