Host a Student from our Sister City
There are very few requirements for being a host family for a student. Please contact the City if you are interested in hosting.

Longview receives visitors from Wako, Japan twice each year.

Student Visitors

In August, school students visit our City and spend special time with families who volunteer as Host Families. Student stays average three to four days, and students are most comfortable doing a home-stay in pairs. Most of them have never been to America before and they are very eager to try anything "American."

Activities that students enjoy are sight-seeing, attending church, going to the beach or the mountains, County Fair and Rodeo, shopping, picnicking, getting bargains at bazaars, garage sales or thrift stores, going to the grocery store, watching videos on TV and doing anything family-oriented.

Students love trying American cuisine such as hamburgers and french fries, pizza and salads.

Adult Visitors

In October, an adult contingency visits Longview. Most of these visitors are business professionals or teachers and desire to see businesses and organizations that are similar to their own. They are taken on a tour of Longview on their first day and shown such sites as the Library, City Hall, Chamber of Commerce and local High Schools (particularly, Mr. Kolberg's Japanese class).

The adults usually stay at local motels, but would love the opportunity to stay at someone's home.
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