Hemlock Plaza

This directory was created by Ian Kretzler and Boy Scout Troop 385. To find your brick, follow these steps:
  1. The spreadsheet is alphabetized by the last name for whom the brick was purchased. Multiple names on the brick are all listed separately in the spreadsheet. Business names are also listed alphabetically. 
  2. Next to each name in the spreadsheet (see link below), the corresponding section, row, and brick number is provided. This information will guide you to your brick. 
  3. The diagram below shows the location of each section. 
  4. Stand at the base of the section so you can read the bricks. For sections J and K read step five. 
  5. If your brick lies in section J or K stand with your back to Nichols Blvd. where the two sections meet. 
  6. Starting at the top left corner, (if your brick is in section J, skip to step 8) count down the side of the section to the desired row. Every row, even if it contains no labeled bricks, still counts as a row. 
  7. Then count across from the left (if your brick is in section J, count across from the right) the number of bricks to your desired brick. Every brick, even if it is a partial brick, counts as one. 
  8. If your brick is located in section J, start counting down rows from the upper right hand corner. Then move on to step 7. 

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