Original development of Lake Sacajawea Park included a bridge to the island on which the Japanese Garden is located.  Time witnessed the decline and eventual removal of the bridge.  Over the years, vegetative overgrowth became a concern.  In 1985 goats were introduced to the island for vegetative control.  After the failure of this experiment, concerns remained and in 1990 an idea for re-development was germinated.  A garden designed after the Japanese tradition was conceived.  As time and funds allowed, summer seasonal youth crews began clearing the island, where they discovered remnants of the original development: daffodils, crumbling bird houses, trees that were once cared for, a basic water line, and a buried rock pathway to the bridge.

The Japanese Garden was the idea and design of former Longview Parks Superintendent (1988-2010) Al George; inspired by the gardens he saw when he was stationed in Japan while in the Navy.  Wanting the garden to feel authentic, he studied Japanese garden design extensively and consulted Japanese gardeners.

Originally, many of the plant materials were contributed by interested members of our community or recycled from other park areas.

Open for public viewing:  Monday - Thursday 7am - 3:30pm
Summer:  Memorial Day thru Labor Day : also open Friday - Sunday until dusk

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