Project Overview

Washington State’s Shoreline Management Act (SMA) requires jurisdictions that contain “shorelines of the state” within their boundaries to periodically update their Shoreline Master Programs (SMPs). The City of Longview adopted the “Shoreline Management Master Program for Cowlitz County, Washington 1977.” The shoreline master program has not received a major update since that initial 1977 date. The current program must be updated to be consistent with Washington State Department of Ecology’s Shoreline Master Program Guidelines. This will involve a participation process with the public, local and state agencies, and affected tribes. Longview must complete its SMP Update by July 2014.

Longview’s updated SMP will be used as a planning document that will set policy and regulation for the City’s shoreline areas, including adjacent upland areas within 200 feet of designated shorelines and associated wetlands and floodplain areas.

The City shoreline jurisdictional areas are:

  • Columbia River – approximately 2.4 miles of shoreline with about 37 percent of it consisting of a busy deep-water port (Port of Longview) and the remainder relatively undeveloped. The levee system along this shoreline will be described. The Port’s activities in the shoreline areas, including economic development, international shipping and environmental clean-up efforts will be discussed.
  • Cowlitz River – approximately 3.9 miles of shoreline with mixed uses. The levee system along this shoreline will be outlined. An overview of the various industrial, commercial, residential and public park uses along the Cowlitz River will be provided.
  • Lake Sacajawea – approximately 4.4 miles of shoreline. This 51.5 acre lake is completely surrounded by the city-owned Lake Sacajawea Park. Current management activities at this well-known shoreline area of Lake Sacajawea will be discussed. Participants will be able to consider the various challenges/options to enhance the environmental condition and public use of this shoreline.
  • Long Bell Log Pond – approximately 0.25 miles of shoreline within Longview’s jurisdiction. This 111 acre log storage pond is located in an industrial area. Historical and present industrial uses of this shoreline area will be described.
The three primary areas of focus of the SMP Update are to:
  • Accommodate reasonable and protective uses of the shoreline;
  • Protect shoreline environmental resources; and
  • Protect the public’s right to access and use the shorelines (Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 90.58.020).
Project Tasks

Updating the City’s SMP will include the following tasks:
  • Public Participation
  • Shoreline Jurisdiction
  • Shoreline Inventory and Characterization
  • Shoreline Environment Designations
  • Shoreline Goals, Policies and Regulations
  • Shoreline Restoration Plan
  • Cumulative Impact Analysis
  • SEPA Environmental Review
  • Final Shoreline Master Program
Longview was awarded a $125,000 grant from the State Department of Ecology (DOE) for the SMP Update. Ecological Land Services, Inc. is providing consultant services to assist with the SMP Update, including many of the tasks listed above.

Contact Information

For questions or more information regarding the Shoreline Master Program Update, please contact:

Steve Langdon, Planning Manager
(360) 442-5083

Please watch this webpage for updates and more information as the process proceeds.

Reference Documents

Citizens Advisory Committee / Technical Committee Meetings May 30, 2012 Kick Off Meeting
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