Work to improve stormwater drainage beneath the Beech Street median between 21st and 28th avenues will replace an aging culvert, improve the management of stormwater runoff in the area, and improve public use of the 60-foot wide median. The City of Longview is considering including low impact development (LID) techniques, such as stormwater rain gardens and natural drainage systems, in the design along with traffic calming and pedestrian improvements and a park-like median that could host open space and passive recreation. The project also includes the development of conceptual streetscape designs for Beech Street and 30th Avenue between Oregon Way and Washington Way. The Highlands Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was the origin of many of the design elements that are being considered.

When will this project start?

The first phase, which started in February 2012, will analyze stormwater management options, street capacity, and conceptual LID options. This phase will also include costs for final engineering and construction. BergerABAM, a consulting firm based in Vancouver, will develop designs during spring 2012 and produce final cost estimates and a summary report by summer 2012. This phase does not include construction, but more detailed design and construction could start as early as 2013. The project is funded with City of Longview Stormwater Management Funds.

Does my opinion count?

Absolutely! The City and the BergerABAM team will work with neighbors to gather ideas about potential street and median design opportunities. The Highlands Neighborhood Association hosted a project briefing during its regular meeting on February 27. There will also be an open house May 16 for residents to view and comment on designs that address the low impact development and stormwater management options as well as street and open space improvements. The Longview City Council will make the final decision on both the stormwater and streetscape designs. Information about the project will also be posted and updated on the City’s website.

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