The segment of Tennant Way from 7th Avenue to its intersection with 15th Avenue near Lake Sacajawea can be considered a gateway to Longview because Tennant Way is the primary entry route into the city from Interstate 5. A new project funded by the City of Longview will advance this gateway vision by developing a conceptual design that manages stormwater runoff with low impact development (LID) techniques while enhancing the appearance of the street. LID is an innovative stormwater management approach that utilizes permeable pavements, rain gardens, and other natural drainage practices to filter, detain, and infiltrate runoff close to its source. This conceptual plan will consider using some curbside parking and median areas for attractive landscaping that can capture and treat stormwater. In addition, the design will offer ideas for improved street lighting and enhanced pedestrian crossings.

When will this project start?

Design work started in February and included a meeting with the Project Longview Committee to discuss coordination of the streetscape design with work underway to build a Longview gateway sign near the interchange with SR 411, just east of 7th Avenue. Over the next six months, City staff and streetscape design contractors will work with local residents, businesses, and property owners to create a conceptual design. Final design, engineering, and construction will come later as the City acquires funds to make the improvements.

How much will it cost?

The conceptual design process will cost about $50,000, with financing provided through the City’s stormwater management fund. The aim of this project is to improve the management of stormwater runoff from Tennant Way and adjacent properties. The State of Washington now encourages local governments to use low impact development techniques such as stormwater infiltration planters to manage runoff rather than discharging stormwater directly to rivers and streams. The Vancouver office of BergerABAM is providing the design and basic engineering work. A cost estimate for implementing the conceptual design and related stormwater management elements will be included in the consultant’s final report.

Does my opinion count?

Absolutely! The Longview City Council will make final decisions on next steps for implementing the design, but local residents and businesses will have opportunities to offer their ideas and provide feedback during the design process. The City will host an open house on Wednesday, April 18 to display preliminary designs for public comment. The designs also will be posted for viewing and comments on the city’s website.

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