The Local Improvement District can be used to construct a variety of public improvements such as paved alleys, streets, sidewalks, parking facilities, water systems, sewer systems, street lighting systems, parks and playgrounds, etc. within a specified area. The benefiting property owners pay for the improvements.

If you wish to initiate a Local Improvement District for your area, please contact the Engineering Department for more information or click here.

Once the work on the LID is completed and the final assessments are accepted by the City Council, the final hearing is held on the LID. After adoption of the final assessment roll upon completion of the hearing, an ordinance is prepared confirming the final assessment roll for adoption at the next council meeting. After adoption, the ordinance is published on the Wednesday following the meeting and becomes effective five days later. A 30 day prepay period begins on the date the ordinance becomes effective. Property owners may pay all or part of their assessment without any interest during the prepay period. After the prepay period, the balance of the assessment roll is financed by the sale of municipal bonds.

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