Business Licenses

If you conduct any business at all within the Longview city limits, you must obtain a city business license. Even if your business office is located elsewhere and you only do business occasionally in Longview, you still need a city business license.

An application for a city business license is available online from the Washington Department of Revenue. If you have question about the online application process, please call (800) 451-7985.

If you are renewing a business license, an online renewal process is also available.

Business License for Construction Contractors or Vending Machines

Construction Contractors
Construction contractors must be licensed with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industry. Please submit a clear copy of your current Contractors License with your business license application.

Vending Machines
A regular business license is required in order to locate vending machines in the City of Longview. Stickers showing that the machines are currently licensed are provided by the City, and must be placed on the vending machines.

When completing your business license application, please provide a list of machines and locations, and stickers will be mailed to you with your business license.

Last updated: 6/7/2016 10:12:14 AM