Board Information:

Appointed By: City Manager
Length of term: Two one-year terms and three three-year terms.

Meetings: Four meetings are held per year, January/April/July/October, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 4 pm, at the Recreation Building (2920 Douglas Street).


Performs studies and makes recommendations through the Parks and Recreation Director to the City Manager and Council regarding concerns of long-range planning, improvement, and operation of the Mint Valley Golf Course. (Per Resolution No. 1336) As liaison between the golfing public and the department, including the golf maintenance staff, provides feedback regarding department needs and operations.

Board Members:

  • Chuck Berquist
  • Jeff Sowders
  • Dave Sathe
  • Arne Lund *Mens Club Representative 
  • Brenda Athey *Womens Club Representative

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