The Longview Police Street Crimes Unit (SCU) is authorized to be staffed with one Sergeant and five detectives (this may vary depending on department needs). SCU detectives work primarily in plain clothes, but can switch to uniforms and work in this capacity to identify and prosecute any street level crime. Vehicles driven will vary depending on the current assignment. The unit does have two SUV type vehicles with police lights and radios. One SUV is used for the K-9 vehicle and the other for proactive enforcement. Both units have screened cages for transporting prisoners. SCU targets all drug dealers selling illegal narcotics. SCU detectives actively seek out criminals possessing or selling firearms and stolen property.

SCU will strive to be a high volume enforcement unit intended to impact street crime and related neighborhood problems associated with street crime. This unit will continue to address issues of community safety and nuisance specific to crime related problems. Detectives will utilize strategic hot spot policing emphasis as well as supporting the initiatives of the Street Crimes Unit as assigned. The SCU often works closely with other agencies such as the Cowlitz / Wahkiakum Narcotics Task Force and the Department of Corrections to name a few.

Although they typically work in the evenings, their hours are subject to change based on the assignments they may be working. SCU will be under the direction of the investigations division commander.

The Street Crimes Unit actively solicits tips from other officers and members of the public regarding suspected criminal activity of an ongoing, chronic nature. Members of the public may leave a message on the drug tip line by calling 360-442-5896 or by contacting the department at 360-442-5800. Drug tips can also be made through the city of Longview’s “Ask Longview” website.

Last updated: 9/23/2016 8:16:47 AM