The City's goal is to promote safety and provide access to Downtown Longview.


On July 11, 2013, the Longview City Council made slight modifications to the existing parking regulations as part of a two year trial. Those changes are effective October 1, 2013 and include the following:
  1. Parking permits will now be sold in three additional lots:
    1. Merk Lot (Lot 86) - $120 per quarter
    2. Johnson Lot (Lot 87) - $120 per quarter
    3. Penny’s Lot (Lot 85) - $120 per quarter
  2. Parking permit fees in existing permitted parking lots will increase:
    1. 15th & Broadway Lot (Lot 111) - $120 per quarter
    2. Paragon Lot (Lot 112) - $60 per quarter
All other city lots will have a mix of 3 hour parking (where signed) or 72 hour parking (in unsigned parking spaces). The remaining city lots include:
  • Korten’s Lot (Lot 81)
  • Commerce Plaza Lot (Lot 80)
  • Schneider Lot (Lot 79E)
  • Bus Transfer Lot (Lot 78E)
  • Senior Lot (Lot 78N)
  • Consolidated Lot (Lot 78S)
The following map shows the different types of lots and their pricing. To purchase a permit, please come to the Longview Police Department located at 1351 Hudson Street, Longview, WA, Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am – 4pm.  A limited number of parking permits are sold in the permitted lots. Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

On September 22, 2011, the Longview City Council modified several of the existing on and off-street parking regulations in downtown Longview. These changes are based upon recommendations included in the city’s new downtown action agenda, which was developed with the input of many downtown businesses, employees, customers, residents, and others interested in the revitalization of downtown. Those changes will be effective January 1, 2012.

Below is a summary of the changes. More detailed information, including the ordinance language and a map of each City parking lot where changes are being made, is available in the important links section below.

These changes are being implemented on a two-year trial basis. After December 31, 2012, a review will be completed of the parking changes. Input will be sought from the public regarding these changes and their impact on downtown.
  1. Most 2 hour on-street parking spaces in the downtown Longview area will change to 3 hours.
  2. Permits will no longer be available for purchase in most city lots. The Broadway lot (north of city hall) and the Paragon lot (south of city hall) will remain permitted lots. 
  3. All other city lots will have a mix of 3 hour parking (where signed) or 72 hour parking (in unsigned spaces). There is no cost to parking in either the 3 hour or 72 hour spaces. However, parking infractions will be issued to vehicles that are parked in excess of the posted time limits. Parking in the 72 hour spaces is on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. There will be NO CHANGES to the existing 10 hour, 15 minute, 30 minute or 1 hour parking spaces on street throughout downtown Longview.
  5. Warnings will change from one every six months to one every quarter to vehicles parked in excess of the timed parking.
  6. The fine structure for overtime parking violations will change from $20 per violation to an escalating fine structure as follows:
    • 1st violation in a calendar quarter = $30
    • 2nd violation in a calendar quarter = $50
    • 3rd violation in a calendar quarter = $75
    • 4th violation in a calendar quarter = $100
Current regulations include:
  • Chain parking is prohibited between the 1100 and 1400 blocks of Commerce Avenue and the 1200 and 1300 blocks of Broadway. 
  • Vehicles may be booted if the owner accumulates three or more ignored or unpaid tickets.
  • Parking ordinances will be enforced from 8 am to 6pm Monday through Saturday, except on observed holidays.
What is Chain Parking?

Chain Parking is staying within a designated block defined as: portion of street, both sides, between two intersections, for more than the allotted three hour time limit. Drivers must move to a new block within the three hours, for example: If you are parked on the 1100 block of Commerce you must move to the 1200 block or around the corner onto another street to avoid an overtime parking fine.

What is a Denver boot?
A “boot” is an immobilization device that is placed on the tire of a vehicle. A notice is also placed on the vehicle giving the owner 24 hours to pay all outstanding parking fines plus a $50 immobilization fee to have the boot removed. After 24 hours the vehicle will be impounded and the owner will be required to pay all original fines, the $50 fee and tow and storage fees to get the vehicle returned.

Please Read Signs to Avoid Fines!

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