Police online auction of unclaimed property

The Longview Police Department will soon be auctioning unclaimed property through two venues next month. CTM Unlimited Auctions, LLC will receive 203 items that will be sold in person at their facility in Oakville, Washington, June 16, 2014.

Simultaneously, over 100 separate items will be sold on the Internet, pursuant to Washington State Law. The web site at www.propertyroom.com will be conducting the auction of Longview’s unclaimed property like it does for police departments across the nation.

A complete list of Longview’s auction items is available below. People who believe listed items belong to them must file a claim in writing to the Longview Police Department prior to June 2, 2014.

Interested persons may view the auction items and submit their bids by logging onto www.propertyroom.com on about June 25, 2014 or visiting the CTM facilities in Oakville on or after June 16, 2014; their website is http://www.ctmunlimitedauction.com/.

All online auction items are contained within specific categories. Simply click on a category and follow prompts for entering bids. Bidding for unclaimed properties provided by Longview will commence on approximately June 25 and will continue until the date indicated on the site.

Bidders are responsible for shipping and handling of online purchases, and all sales are final. The Longview Police Department makes no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, of any nature as to the condition of the goods offered for auction.

The Longview Police Department has been using online auction services since September 2003 and has submitted over 3,700 items.

Description Bar Code # Case #
Tool; Leatherman & Knife S22406 06-31628
Gun Case; ProMax S34463 08-1350
Gun Case; MTM S34464 08-1350
Knife; Case pocketknife S47507 09-12414
Knives; Schrade & S&W, folding S49996 09-21858
Tools; Misc Tools S51251 09-26252
Veh Speakers; 4 ct Mercedes S51252A 09-26252
Car Stereo; Pioneer CD Player S51252B 09-26252
Stereo Amplifer; Sony 600Watt S51252C 09-26252
Stereo Amplifer; Eclipse S51252D 09-26252
Laptop Computer: No Hard Drive S54834 10-6259
Clothing; new Shirts & Shorts S57277 10-14301
Clothing; new Shorts/Swimsuits S57283 10-14301
Clothing; Shirt & Pants S57287 10-14301
Clothing; 4 shirts S57288 10-14301
Tool; Hyd Floor jack S67905 11-18711
Tools; Misc hand tools S67908 11-18711
Tool; Power Drill S67909A 11-18711
Tool; Recip Saw S67909B 11-18711
Tools: Various Sockets S67909C 11-18711
Tools: Various Pliers S67909D 11-18711
Tools: Various Hand Tools S67909E 11-18711
Tools: Various Wrenches S67909F 11-18711
Tools/Misc; Screwdriver/Knife/Flashlight S69599 11-26425
Camera; Samsung Digi Camera S71944 11-33480
Music Player; I-Pod, 160GB S71948 11-33480
Music CD/Jewelry/2 Knives S71949 11-33480
Clothing; 2 Packs New Women's Socks S71950 11-33480
Knives; 2 Pocketknives S72804A 12-3032
Jewelry; Misc jewelry S72804B 12-3032
Digi Music Player; I-pod Nano S72804C 12-3032
Tool; Machete S73114 12-4905
Tool; Kobalt Bolt Cutters S73120 12-4812
iPod Touch, 8GB S73276 12-5126
Cell Phone; iPhone S73281 12-5126
Cell Phone; Samsung S73281A 12-5126
Cell Phone; LG S73281B 12-5126
Knife; Schrade timer S74046 12-7925
Tool; Socket wrench w/socket S74048 12-7925
Tool; Craftsman Wrench S74049 12-7925
Tool: 3 Sockets S74051 12-7925
Flashlight; Maglite w/case S74052 12-7925
Baseball Bat; Easton S77314 12-19766
Bike, Giant Mt Bike S77343 12-19765
Digi Video Camera; Go Pro Hero 2 S79177 12-25470
Knife; Ozark Folding Knife S79420 12-26577
Holster S79608 12-27027
Knife; pocketknife S79728 12-27603
Bike, Kent, 21 sp Mt Bike S80117 12-28964
Backpack S81118 13-32020
Digi Music Player; Zune S81118 12-32020
Watch; Seiko Man's S81197 12-31740
Internet Player, Sony S81199 12-31740
Trail Cam; Tasco S81201 12-31740
Surveillance Equipment S81202 12-31740
Sound Dock; Bose S81203 12-31740
Radio; Bose Wave Radio S81204 12-31740
Camera; Nikon w/Case S81205 12-31740
Camera; Nikon w/Case S81206 12-31740
Camera; Fugifilm Digi w/case S81207 12-31740
Camera; Kodak Easyshare S81209 12-31740
Camera, Kodak Easyshare S81210 12-31740
Watch; Citizen Man's S81211 12-31740
Watch; Man's S81212 12-31740
Coats, 3 Coats S81213 12-31740
Camera; Samsung w/case S81215 12-31740
Projector; Optoma S81216 12-31740
Headphones, Beats S81217 12-31740
Camera Accessories S81218 12-31740
Tool; Hacksaw S81470 12-33006
Tools; Wire Cutters & Hitch S81872 12-33006
Baseball Cards; 1 box S83068 13-2679
Baseball Cards; 1 box S83069 13-2679
Jewelry; Gold Chains Etc S83175 13-3244
Sports Cards; 15 Baseball Cards S83177 13-3244
Jewelry Items; S83576 13-4594
Knife; Smith & Wesson Spec Tactical S83834 13-5541
Cell Phone; LG Smart Phone S83843 13-5507
Holster; Uncle Mike Sidekick S83984 13-5601
Cables and Cell Phones; assorted S84099 13-5668
Knife; Knife w/sheath S84159 13-6294
Cell Phone; Apple I-Phone 4 S84505 13-6869
Lawnmower; Craftsman S84574 13-7084
Bike, Schwinn, Side Winder, Mt Bike S84587 13-7343
Knife; Kershaw Folding Knife S85115A 13-8940
Tool; Gerber Multitool S85115B 13-8940
Tool; Small Multitool S85115C 13-8940
Stamp Collection; 1938ish S85174 13-9001
Gas Powered Scooter S85183 13-8754
Binoculars; Eagle Optics 8x42 S85258A 13-9240
Knife; Copenhagen pocketknife S85258B 13-9240
Welder; Lincoln Arc Welding set S85327 13-9627
new Shaving Blades & Ext Cord S85368A 13-9599
6 ct PSP disks; Various Movies S85368B 13-9599
Vacuum; I-Robot Roomba S85399 13-9850
BB Gun; Colt Defender S85434 13-10048
Watch; FMD Watch S85438 13-10048
Car Stereo; Pioneer CD Player S85452A 13-10052
Tool; Screwdriver S85452B 13-10052
Music CDs; 129 Vari Latin Music S85452C 13-10052
Boat Motor; Mecury 25XD S85493 13-9973
Car Battery Charger; Sears S85512 13-10279
Knife; Sheffield folding S85880 13-10718
Watch; Fossil man's Watch S85881 13-11011
Cell Phone; LG 4 G S85882 13-11011
Camera; Kodak Digital S85890 13-11011
Camera; Nikon Digital S85891 13-11011
Bowling Ball; Maxim S86153 13-11855
Jewelry; POW Bracelet S86163 13-11597
Digi Music Player; Eclipse S86180A 13-12140
Flashlights; 2 LED lights S86180B 13-12140
FM Transmitter; Maxell S86180C 13-12140
Retractable Pet Leash S86180D 13-12140
Digi Music Player; I-Pod S86280 13-12234
Knife; Folding Knife S86328 13-12879
Tool; WorkForce Claw Hammer S86489 13-13395
Watch; Elgin ladies watch S86501 13-13464
Knife; Folding Knife S86812 13-14782
Tool; Ladder S86815 13-14701
Knives; 2 Knives & 2 Lights S86818A 13-14701
Jewelry; 1 sil Necklace S86818B 13-14701
Tool; Snip Tool S86818C 13-14701
Bike, Specialized, Rock Hopper, Mt Bike S86819 13-14606
Knife; Folding Knife S87017 13-15439
Tool; Cable Cutter S87343 13-16888
Knife; Antique Knife S87349 13-16884
Knife; Buck Folding Knife S87357 13-16954
Golf Equipment; Bag & clubs S87395 13-17302
Knives; 3 Pocketknives S87420 13-17315
Knife; Folding Knife S87487 13-17504
Music Player; I-Pod S87511 13-17754
Knife; Browning Folding S87540 13-18010
Art Supplies; Color Sharpie Pens S87687 13-18753
Cell Phone; Samsung Galaxy S87820 13-18903
Tools & Bike Accessories S87827A 13-19002
New Clothing: Jeans/Tee/Belt S87827B 13-19002
Jewelry; Various Jewelry S87827C 13-19002
Cell Phone; HTC S87846 13-19207
Game System; Nintendo DS w/games S87846A 13-19207
Game System; Nintendo DS S87846C 13-19207
Jewelry; Ring w/grn & Clr Stones S87853 13-19207
Watch; Bull's Eye Pocketwatch S87880 13-19348
Knife; Folding S87902 13-19235
Tool; Small ShopVac Vacuum S87984 13-19390
Tool; Handsaw S87991 13-19458
Clothing; 9 Packs new Socks S88054A 13-19639
Jewelry; Misc Jewelry S88054B 13-19639
Bike, Genesis V2100 Mt Bike S88055 13-19639
Knife, Buck Folding Knife S88100 13-20081
Knife; Buck folding knife S88100 13-20081
Crystal Bowl; Lenox Bowl S88105 13-19969
Silverware; Oneida set in box S88106 13-19969
Tool; Craftsman S88259 13-20326
Bike, Mongoose S88313 13-20699
Bike, Mongoose S88314 13-20699
Bike, Hyper Bike Co S88316 13-20699
Bike, Tony Hawk S88317 13-20699
Bike, BMX Style S88318 13-20699
Bike Frame; Trek mt bike S88320 13-20699
Bike Frame; BMX Style S88321 13-20699
GPS; TomTom One S88322A 13-20699
GPS; Garmin S88322B 13-20699
GPS; TomTom XL S88322C 13-20699
Power Tool; Dremel 300 & acces. S88324 13-20699
7 Bike Wheels & tires S88326 13-20699
2 Bike Wheels & tires S88327 13-20699
Computer Tablet; Samsung S88364 13-11389
Skateboard S88377 13-21022
Watch; Rugged Exposure RE1001 S88378 13-21022
Shoes; Men's Nike size 9 S88423 13-21233
Bike, Schwinn, Side Winder, Mt Bike S88650 13-21728
Scanner; Radio Shack S88662 13-21775
Tools; Misc Hand Tools S88696 13-21714
GPS; TomTom S88696A 13-21714
Speaker; G-Project S88696B 13-21714
GPS; Garmin Nuvi w/cord S88696C 13-21714
Phone Accessory; iSound S88696D 13-21714
Phone Accessory: BlueTooth Spkr S88696E 13-21714
Tools; Assorted hand tools S88696F 13-21714
Tools; Misc Tools S88700A 13-21714
Haircutting Equip; Wahl S88700B 13-21714
Elec Keyboard; Casio S88713 13-22072
Video Game Sys; PS-2 S88734A 13-18167
1 Pocketwatch & 1 Stop Watch S88734B 13-18167
Tools; Assorted hand tools S88734C 13-18167
Tools; Irwin Vice Grip/Allen Wrench S88884 13-22552
Cell Phone S88892 13-20919
Knife; Kershaw folding S88973 13-22862
Golf Equip; Clubs and Bag S89012 13-23208
Safe; Sentry S89099 13-23333
Knife; Exployer Folding S89143 13-23625
Tool; Task Force 12" Wrench S89218 13-24172
Cell Phone; iPhone S89242 13-23503
Knife w/sheath S89296 13-24538
4 Knives S89323 13-24323
Tool; 14 Wire Cuter S89387 13-24750
Golf Bag S89399 13-24855
Car Stereo; JVC CD Player S89443A 13-24928
Digi Music Player: Zune 4 GB S89443B 13-24928
Digi Music Speaker: Phillips S89443C 13-24928
Jewelry; Silver Chain S89443D 13-24928
Tools, razors, monocular/knife S89443E 13-24928
Power Tool; Black & Decker Drill S89443F 13-24928
Digi Music Player; i-Pod Nano S89468 13-24965
Bag; Duffle Bag S89600 13-25328
Ballistic Vest; Tactical Tailor S89645 13-25536
Tool; Floor Jack S89659 13-25860
Car Stereo; Pioneer S89661 13-25938
Knife; folding knife S89826 13-26144
Jewelry; Ring S89847 13-26241
Knife; Kershaw Pocketknife S89858 13-26219
5 Printer Toner Cartridges S89863 13-26185
Knife and Scissor Set S90061 13-26316
Knife; Bowie style knife S90082 13-26356
Knife; Pocketknife S90167 13-26279
Tools; Performance Socket Set S90171 13-26376
Mini Memorex Speaker S90172 13-26376
Knife; WarTech S90248 13-26462
Vehicle Scissor Jack S90311 13-26414
Tools; Misc tools S90318 13-26544
Tools; Misc Hand Tools S90318 13-26544
Skateboard S90390 13-26678
Knife; S&W Folding S90487 13-26717
Knife; Pocketknife S90642 13-26877
Knife; Kershaw 1620VIB S90670 13-26862
Knife; Rostfrei Folding S90702 13-26880
Knife; Folding Knife S90951 13-27025
Lawnmower; Mont Wards S90987 13-26980
Tools; Shoulder Bag w/tools S91049 13-27041
Jewelry; Pearl Necklace S91104 13-27065
Knife; Browing Folding S91208 13-27149
Knife; 1 Bowie Knife w/sheath S91257 04-2668
Internet Routers; Vonage S91306A 13-27286
Internet Routers; Vonage S91306B 13-27286
Internet Routers; Vonage S91306C 13-27286
Digital Phone Service; Vonage S91307 13-27286
Knife; Knife w/sheath S91320 13-27050
Folding Knife; Buck S91355 13-27225
Bike, Giant, Roam, Mt Bike S91513 13-27322
Pool Cue in case; Meucci S91532 13-27417
Knife; Buck Hunting Knife S91585 13-27436
Bike; Schwinn, Jaguar, Mt Bike S91641 13-27504
Bike; Schwinn, High Timber Mt Bike S91642 13-27539
Knife; Survival Knife w/sheath S91653 13-27560
Tools; Misc hand tools S91720 13-24896
Jewelry & Gem Stones S91721 13-27626
1 Pocketknife S91759 13-27659
Tools; Misc Tools S91761 13-27646
Knife; Pocketknife S91967 13-27885
Tools; Wrenches S92078A 13-27939
Shin Guards S92078B 13-27939
Knife; Steel Warrior Pocketknife S92206 13-28120
Hair Clippers; Wahl hair clippers S92293 13-28184
Craft Supplies; beads in cases (3) S92305 13-27859
Knives; Kershaw & Great Neck S92313 13-28223
Knife; Gerber S92337 13-28212
Knife; Gerber, Bear Grylls S92339 13-28199
Digital Recorder; Memorex MB2059 S92351 13-28193
Suitcase; American Tourister S92365 13-28254
Ammunition; 17 HMR (50 rounds) S92366 13-28254
Tools; Husky Socket Set S92368 13-28254
GPS; Magellan, Maestro 4250 S92369 13-28254
Jewelry in Box S92370A 13-28254
Piggy Bank S92370B 13-28254
Tool; Vaughn Pry Tool S92481 13-28329
Knife; Old Timer folding knife S92506 13-28374
Knife; Buck Spec Edition S92518 13-28400
Tools; Assorted S92529A 13-28428
BlueTooth Spkr; Jam HX-P240 S92529B 13-28428
Hair Clipper; Wahl Kit S92529C 13-28428
Car Stereo; Pioneer DEH-P2900MP/Spkr S92529D 13-28428
Knives; 2 Pocketknives S92547 13-28464
Weapon; Sais w/case S92698 13-28482
Video Game Sys; XBox 360 S92700 13-28482
Amplifier; PG Xenon S92701 13-28482
Amplifier; Crunch, Powerzone S92702 13-28482
Car Stereo; Pioneer DEH P3900MP S92703 13-28482
Collectibles; Sports Card Collection S92705 13-28482
Wi-Fi Speaker; Jawbone, J2011 S92706 13-28482
Tools; Various in bag S92708 13-28482
Speaker Box; 14" Kicker S92783 13-28482
Knife Set; Jochim Cutterly Set S92886 13-8268
GPS; Magellan, Maestro 3210 S92921 14-192
Tool; Gerber Multi-tool S93104 14-343
Tools; Misc hand tools S93183 14-418
Bag; Marine Corps logo Duffle bag S93263 14-495
Jewelry/Ring; Stirling S93334 14-95
Tools; Various Tools S93372 13-24075
Tool; 18" Boltcutter S93374 14-565
Headphones; Beats S93381 14-186
Knife; Ozark Trail Folding Knife S93493 14-648
Golf Equip; Sun Mt Bag & Clubs S93583 14-708
Collectible; Bradford Exchange Wings S93588 14-693
Weapon; Sabre HM-80 OC Spray S93795 14-935
Knife; Guardian folding knife S93811 14-966
Knife; Pocketknife S93907 14-992
Knife; Frost Cutlery folding knife S93915 14-990
Knife; Kershaw folding knife S93920 14-986
Bag; American Tourister Duffel Bag S94092 14-1034
Knife; Camillus folding knife S94121 14-1089
Toolbox w/various tools S94185 14-1199
Toolbox w/various tools S94186 14-1199
Knife; Kershaw 3840BLK pocketknife S94299 14-1289
Knife; folding knife S94416 14-1369
Scooter; Razor S94739 14-1559
Knife; Western Fixed Blade S95236 14-1933
Baton; Collapsible ASP S95241 14-1933
Tool; Mallet/Hammer S95753 14-2345
Camera, Kodak, C143 Digi Camera Surplus #1 9/13 Surplus #1

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