Mission & Vision  
  To build a healthy community by providing high quality recreation and park services for everyone!                    

 You Can Find Us At                            
 Recreation Office   2920 Douglas Street, Longview
 Office Hours
 Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. (except legal holidays)                
 Phone Number
 Fax Number
 Email  rec@ci.longview.wa.us 
 Facebook  www.facebook.com/longviewrecreation

 Important Phone Numbers
 Sports 360.442.5435                                                                             
 Facilities 360.442.5407                                                                                  
 Youth & Preschool   360.442.5402 
 Classes & Events 360.442.5409 
 Therapeutic  360.442.5409 
 Parks & Trees 360.442.5421 
 Mint Valley Golf 360.442.5442 
 Mint Valley Racquet  360.442.4770
 Senior Center 360.636.0341                                                                                              

 Your Staff    
 Director of Parks and Recreation   David Campbell EMAIL                                                       
 Recreation Superintendent Dick Mueller   EMAIL
 Recreation Coordinators Steve Plampin 
Karry Williquette   
 Recreation Specialist Barbie Morrison
Caitlin White
 Administrative Assistant Jennifer Wills  EMAIL
 Parks Supervisor Curt Nedved  EMAIL
 Golf Superintendent Scott Knapp  EMAIL
 Facility Maintenance Manager Rod Chamberlain  EMAIL 

 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board                                                                                 
The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board is made up of Longview residents who volunteer their
time for the preservation and development of parks, leisure facilities and recreation programs
for the community. Your comments and suggestions are welcome at the monthly meetings held
the third Monday of each month at 6 pm.
Members: Alice Watkins, John Green, Louis LaPierre, Dominic Liberatore, Emma & Tim Temples
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