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Longview’s Chip Seal and Pavement Patching begins July 7
Posted Date: 6/23/2014
The Longview Street Division will begin repairing and/or resurfacing various asphalt street sections citywide from July 7, 2014 through the end of August.

Recently valued at $250 million dollars, the street network is the City’s most valuable and visible physical asset. It connects our community, and is essential for commerce and safety. It also affects property values and auto repair costs. Street maintenance is prioritized by condition, functional class (volume and type of traffic), and citizen requests.

The City repairs failed asphalt street sections by cutting-out or grinding-down failed asphalt, improving the base if applicable, and replacing the pavement. “Road Work,” “Loose Gravel,” and/or “Motorcycles use Extreme Caution” signs are placed in all work zones.

The City resurfaces asphalt streets via “chip seal,” a common treatment that keeps them in good condition. It is significantly cheaper than re-paving, it extends the life of the pavement, and it reduces maintenance costs in the long run. Chip seal provides a wearing surface, repairs minor cracks, and seals-out water; but, it provides no structural strength. Both spot repairs and full-width chip seal treatments are done by evenly distributing a thin layer of hot bitumen (i.e. asphalt or “road oil”) onto an existing pavement, then uniformly spreading aggregate over the oiled roadway and rolling it into a smooth pavement surface. Once treated, the street can accept traffic within a few minutes, but at reduced speeds. The street is swept the following workday to remove any loose rock.

To request a street or pothole repair, visit and click on the blue “ASK Longview” button. Choose “Streets” from the topic menu. You may also take photos of potholes with your mobile device by using the City’s free mobile app called “ASK Longview.” Your mobile app request will be sent with GPS coordinates that will help our Street crews easily locate problem areas.

To learn more about the City’s pavement preservation program, please visit, or contact Public Works at 442-5209.