News Review
June 12 City Council Meeting in brief
Posted Date: 6/16/2014
  • Heard a presentation from Mt. Solo and Cascade Middle School students regarding their Let’s Draw The Line project to reduce tobacco, drug and alcohol use.
  • Held a public hearing for the 2014-2018 Consolidated Plan addressing the HOME and Community Development Block Grant programs for Kelso and Longview.
  • Held a public hearing for the 2015-2020 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (T.I.P.) and directed staff to present a resolution to adopt the T.I.P. at the next city council meeting.
  • Approved Ordinance No. 3267 amending the zoning code to remove the 10,000 square foot minimum floor area requirement for athletic, health and racket clubs in the City’s industrial districts.
  • Approved Ordinance No. 3268 amending the zoning code to address public safety facilities such as police and fire stations.
  • Approved Ordinance No. 3269 amending the Longview Municipal Code to adopt standards for providing public defense services.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2114 authorizing an interlocal agreement to provide information technology services to Cowlitz County for 911 Center and law enforcement records activities.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2115 authorizing an interlocal agreement with Cowlitz County regarding 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grant funding for the Longview School Resource Officer program.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2116 authorizing an interlocal agreement with Cowlitz County Public Facilities District for repayment of the costs to replace rigging at the Columbia Theatre.
  • Certified as complete the 15th Avenue and Douglas Street Pedestrian Improvements Project.
  • Approved a purchase and sale agreement for Lots 8, 11, and 12 on Prudential Blvd. in Phase 1 of the Mint Farm Industrial Park.
  • Accepted the bid and awarded a contract in the amount of $178,830.00 to Integrity Excavating & Construction, to construct the 14th Avenue and Broadway Intersection Improvements Project.