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A2z @ Longview Public Library
Posted Date: 2/12/2014
A2z means Art/Tech/’zine this winter at the Longview Public Library. A2z invites all students in middle and high school to enter their creative work in a competition for Teen Tech Week, by March 4. Submitted works may have been created for school or other purposes, and will be displayed, screened, published and prizes awarded at the Late Night Dr. Who Party on March 11, 6-9 p.m. The first copies of the ‘zine (handmade magazine) will also be released that night. The ‘zine will be composed of entries in the A2z contest.
All entry forms are available on the library website at:
Arts: This category is being mentored by Americorps Member Heather Hagen. The entry sub-categories are:
  • Graphic Art; Anime, Manga, advertising cartoons or comic strips.
  • 3D art; sculpture, pottery, recycled sculpture 
  • 2D art; acrylics, charcoal, crayon, markers, oil, pencil, watercolor. 
  • Photography & Video; photography, Vine (6 sec. phone video), website or other online design, Spark A Reaction Teen Summer Reading Audio PSA, Spark A Reaction Teen Summer Reading Video Challenge ($250 prize!), all other video/film-making.
Tech: This category is being mentored by Americorps Member James McBride. Entry sub-categories are:
  • Robot, fishing fly, Repurposed functional item from recycled materials, 
  • “Pimp My Ride” (bike/skateboard/scooter), 
  • Metalwork
  • Woodworking
• Software program, other. Attend MakerPlace 3-5 p.m. any Wednesday, or Geek Dad 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on Saturday February 15 or March 1 for hands on help! The Cowlitz Fly Anglers will have a clinic at the March 1 Geek Dad and are sponsoring a prize for a hand-tied fly.

‘zine: This category is being mentored by Americorps Member Erin McKee. Entry sub-categories are:
  • a Concrete Poem, 
  • Haiku 
  • Joke 
  • Limerick
  • Recipe
  • Review of a book, movie, song, or game, 
  • A vacation getaway description (real or imaginary!)

March 11; A2z Reception and Teen Tech Week Late Night Dr. Who Party from 6-9 p.m.
  • 6-7 Pizza & premiere of all projectable entries in A2z, 
  • 7-7:30 p.m. 2D Art Reception. Dr. Who games, crafts and activities, 
  • 7:45-9 p.m. Enter the TARDIS for a Dr. Who movie!
For more information, contact the Longview Public Library at 360.442.5301, or click on the “Teens” link at