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Downtown parking regulations reminder
Posted Date: 1/29/2014
In October 2013, changes were implemented to the downtown parking regulations. “The police department wants to make sure those who park in downtown either as shoppers, business owners, employees or residents are aware of the different options and time limits for parking in downtown,” said Administrative Manager Mary Chennault. Here are options for those who wish to park downtown:
• Parking for 3 hours or less – Free parking is available on street (as marked by signs) and in city parking lots for 3 hours or less.
• Parking for more than 3 hours – If you need to park for more than 3 hours, there are several options available for you:
1. On-street 10 hour parking (as signed) is available on the perimeter of downtown.
2. Free long term parking is available in city parking lots east of Commerce
Avenue. These lots are mixed use lots with some spaces available for 3 hours only (as marked on signs) and the majority of the spaces available for up to 72 hours (unsigned spaces). A map included below shows these lots in the light blue color.
3. Purchase a quarterly parking permit for parking lots located west of Commerce Avenue for $120/quarter. Permits can be purchased at the Police Department. The Police Department is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm and is closed for lunch between 11am – 12pm. By purchasing a parking permit, citizens are allowed to park in excess of the 3-hour time limit. The map below shows these lots in purple. The police department will continue to sell permits in the 15th & Broadway lot ($120/quarter) and the Paragon lot ($60/quarter) located at 15th Avenue and Hudson Street. Parking in those two lots is by permit only. Citizens must have a parking permit to park in either the 15th & Broadway lot or the Paragon lot.

Please visit the police department’s website for more information about parking at If you have questions about parking enforcement, call the police department at 360.442.5800.

To view map click Map of Downtown Parking