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Birch Tree Removal Program Underway for 2014
Posted Date: 1/15/2014

The second year of a birch tree removal program got underway on January 13, as city parks staff began working on a list of 93 trees that have been connected with aphid infestations in the past. Parks staff can remove about 6 birch trees per day and, including stump grinding and site clean-up that takes place afterwards, they expect to finish this year’s work by early March. Replacement trees will be planted in the fall.

The Longview city council authorized a phased birch tree removal program along city streets in 2012 after deciding to suspend the use of chemical applications to reduce aphid outbreaks. While different species of aphids can infest other species of trees, they have been most commonly associated with birch trees in Longview. The removal program is based on thinning – removing some but not necessarily all of the birch trees along selected city blocks, and planting different trees in their place in order to reduce the easy spread of aphids from one location to another. After a couple years of removals, city arborists plan to evaluate the results before deciding whether to take down additional birch trees from what had been a list of nearly 1,000 in the city’s urban forest inventory.

For a list of addresses please click the following link. Birch Tree Removal Locations

For more information, contact the city parks division at 442-5421.