News Review
November 16 City Council Meeting in brief
Posted Date: 11/20/2017
• Presented service awards to four long-time City of Longview employees:
o Jerry Ritchie, Library Dept. – 45 years of service
o Kurt Sacha, Executive/Finance Dept. – 40 years of service
o Ronald Bishop, Parks Dept. – 40 years of service
o Bobby Nichols, Fire Dept. – 30 years of service
• Approved a request to vacate a portion of public alley right of way at 904 12th Ave. contingent upon payment of vacation fees, directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance to implement the right of way vacation, and set the vacation fee at $6,250.
• Approved Ordinance No. 3366 authorizing issuance of up to $15 million in limited tax general obligation and refunding bonds.
• Approved Resolution No. 2245 authorizing a 2018 ad valorem tax levy that is 101.51% of the 2017 levy rate.
• Approved Ordinance No. 3363 amending the zoning code to allow personal service businesses in the Riverfront District.
• Approved Ordinance No. 3364 amending the Longview Municipal Code to designate the hearings examiner as the official to hear SEPA appeals regarding city-owned property and city projects.
• Approved Resolution No. 2246 authorizing an interlocal purchasing agreement with Thurston County.
• Approved Resolution No. 2227 amending Resolution No. 2036 regarding the order of business on the city council agenda.
• Directed the city manager to give notice to the CWCOG that the City is terminating its financial support of Pathways 2020.
• Received a report on the 2017 3rd quarter status of the General Fund.
• Received a progress report on the City’s activities to amend the zoning code regarding residential development. The proposed amendments are scheduled to be presented at the December 7 city council meeting.
• City Manager David Campbell announced his resignation effective in 2 to 3 months.
• Authorized preparation of a separation agreement for the city manager.