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Downtown Corridor Improvements - Week 8 Progress Report
Posted Date: 6/12/2017

Here is a quick update on happenings last week and what’s in store this week.

North of midblock on the east side, the paver area was prepped, and forms were built for various furnishings and light poles. South of midblock, street curb and an 8-ft sidewalk were poured the full length of the block. The sidewalk is near continuous with gaps only at mid-block and the NE corner of Hemlock where colored concrete is needed. In the 1100 block, the 8-inch waterline and hydrant were placed, flushed, tested and disinfected. Two new water services are being installed today with coordination ongoing with the owners to add backflow protection.

Around noon today, the first of two colored concrete pours will happen at mid-block. With several businesses closed on Mondays, the timing is by design and we are just fortunate today is overcast but dry. We hope to open the mid-block plaza tomorrow in time for the lunch crowd at Lynn’s.

This week will also construct raingardens at the NE and SE corners of Hemlock. The easy thing to do would be take both corners entirely out of service. But in order to make sure crosswalks, ramps, sidewalk and front door access stay open for as long as possible, AES has become increasingly more creative and strategic with their demolition and how to separate their work. There’s no perfect solution but, in watching people come and go, it seems to be helping.