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City of Longview Urban Forestry Division implements the Tree Benefit Project
Posted Date: 4/12/2017
City of Longview Urban Forestry Division implements the Tree Benefit Project
The City of Longview Urban Forestry Division is unveiling the Tree Benefit Project at the Frank Willis Arboretum at Lake Sacajawea Park. The project will be in place during the month of April. Beginning on April 5, lake visitors will encounter ten tree benefit tags located next to trees strategically placed around the path. Each tag provides the reader information regarding the amount of gallons trees reduce in stormwater runoff, total pounds of carbon sequestration, kilowatt hours reduced for electrical energy savings, increase in property value, and total dollar amount of benefits these trees provide.

The City is committed to promoting and sustaining an environment that is responsive to resident involvement. The intent of the Tree Benefit Program is to encourage park visitors and citizens to get involved and educate themselves about the trees cared for by the Urban Forestry Program. The City is celebrating its 33rd consecutive year as a Tree City USA, the second longest in the state of Washington. The City of Longview will commemorate Arbor Day at 10:00 a.m. at the Lake on April 12th by planting a tree on the Nichols Boulevard side of the lake between Hemlock and Louisiana Streets.

Trees play an incredible role in the community including providing social, communal, environmental, and economic benefits and enhancing our quality of place. The larger the tree, the more benefits it provides. Take a walk around the lake to find and learn more about all 10 trees. There are over 100 different species of trees in the arboretum at the lake. Take a picture with one of the tree benefit tags and hashtag #longviewtrees or #longviewparksandrec to be featured on our Facebook Page.

For additional information, visit the website under the Urban Forest Program tab or contact Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Wills at 442.5400.